Sarah Renkert

MA Student

About Sarah Renkert

Sarah Renkert graduated with highest distinction from Indiana University, where she studied Spanish, International Studies, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Before coming to graduate school, she had the opportunity to teach and work with non-profits in Peru, Ecuador, Arizona, China, and Thailand. At the University of Arizona, she is studying Applied Sociocultural Anthropology. Her research interests include critical food studies, community organizing, culinary and cultural tourism, critical development studies, and political ecology. Her M.A. research was based in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where she studied community-owned tourism and challenges to food sovereignty in the Kichwa Añangu Community. Her Ph.D. research is based in Huaycán, Lima, Perú, where she is working in comedores populares (communal kitchens) to study changes in food aid and popular organizing in Lima’s barriadas or marginalized neighborhoods.

Currently, Sarah is a Research Assistant with the University of Arizona Food Systems Research Lab, collaboratively studying resilience in Southern Arizona's local food system. Additionally, as a research assistant with the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology, Sarah has engaged in community-based participatory research with the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Through the School of Anthropology, she has also collaborated on two ethnographic projects for the National Park Service. Throughout graduate school, Sarah has been an active organizer for the Food Security and Social Justice Network, the Pima County Food Alliance, the People’s Political Ecology Lab, the Anthropology Graduate Students at the University of Arizona (AGUA), and the Latin American Studies Student Association. She has also co-curated three exhibits for Tucson Meet Yourself, the Southwest’s largest folklife festival, and volunteered for four years at Caridad Community Kitchen.


Selected Publications


  • Renkert, Sarah Rachelle. 2022. “A Freirean Reflection on Food Aid and Lima’s Comedores Populares.” Latin American Perspectives. (Accepted for publication)

Book Chapters

  • Renkert, Sarah Rachelle Renkert. 2020. “Community-owned tourism and degrowth: a case study in the Kichwa Añangu Community.” In Tourism and Degrowth: Towards a Truly Sustainable Tourism, edited by Robert Fletcher, Ivan Murray Mas, Asunción Blanco Romero, and Macià Blázquez-Salom. New York: Routledge. (Reprinted from Journal of Sustainable Tourism 27 (12): 1893-1908)

Reports, Thesis, and Commentary

  • Renkert, Sarah, T.J Ferguson, and Maren P. Hopkins. 2020. “Collection of Apache Oral Histories for Chiricahua National Monument and Fort Bowie National Historic Site.” Report prepared for the National Park Service. Tucson: School of Anthropology.
  • Renkert, Sarah and Rachel Fillipone. 2019. “Cloth Diaper Kit Pilot Program Phase II: Data Collection and Findings.” Reported prepared for the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona. Tucson: Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology.
  • Fluckiger, Abbey and Jenny Doss. 2019. “Navigating Food Insecurity: Exploring Food Acquisition Strategies Among Food Bank Clients in Southern Arizona.” Prepared for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Edited by Sarah Renkert. Tucson: Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology.
  • Bedwell, Rebecca, and Sarah Renkert. 2017. “BARA Report on the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona’s 2017 Client Survey.” Report Prepared for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Tucson: Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology.
  • Renkert, Sarah. 2017. Community-Owned Tourism: Pushing the Paradigms of Alternative Tourisms. Thesis, Tucson: University of Arizona.
  • Renkert, Sarah, Karla Rascón-García, and Lee Allen. 2015. “Agency-Based Gardening: Organization and School Gardens as a Space for Growing Community and Creating Social Capital” Report Prepared for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona: Tucson: University of Arizona.

Works in Progress

  • Renkert, Sarah. 2022. Food Aid and Kitchen Controversies in the City of Hope. Dissertation, Tucson: University of Arizona. (Dissertation: In progress)
  • Renkert, Sarah. 2022. “Between the Edible and the Inedible: Cultural Tourism and Culinary Meaning in the Ecuadorian Amazon.” In Insights on Latin America and the Caribbean, edited by Melanie A. Madeiros and Jennifer R. Gúzman. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. (Book Chapter: Accepted pending edits)
  • Renkert, Sarah and Rachel Filipone. 2022. “The Carework of Cloth Diapering: Opportunities and Challenges for Mitigating Diaper Need.” (Journal Article: Under review by Human Organization)
  • Renkert, Sarah, T.J Ferguson, and Maren P. Hopkins. 2022. “Chiricahua Bands and Apache Scouts: Histories of Resistance and Survival.” (Journal Article: Under review by co-authors and Apache collaborators for submission to American Indian Culture and Research Journal)