Marcy Reiser

About Marcy Reiser

Marcy Reiser is from Denver, Colorado and went to University of California-Santa Cruz for her undergraduate studies where she received a BA in anthropology and women’s studies. She spent a couple of years toiling away at  a political science degree at the New School for Social Research in NYC before coming to terms with the fact that her fingers needed to dig in the dirt (well, actually, she now prefers speaking with trees). She received her MA at Colorado State University in anthropology, focusing on dendrochronology and high-altitude archaeology in northwestern Wyoming. At the University of Arizona, Marcy continues to study dendroarchaeology and conduct research in the Absaroka Mountains of northwestern Wyoming. However, she has also branched out with projects in the Beartooth Mountains (Wyoming/Montana border), northern Colorado, and the Picket Wire Canyonlands in southern Colorado. When not in school, she is an archaeologist for the Forest Service in Fort Collins, Colorado.


2005-present--Greybull River Sustainable Landscape Ecology (GRSLE) program—Since 2005, I have participated in the GRSLE field program with Dr. Lawrence C. Todd, conducting survey, recording sites, and collecting and analyzing tree-ring samples in the Shoshone National Forest in northwestern Wyoming . My work with this project forms the basis of my dissertation research and now focuses on culturally peeled trees.

2013 Picket Wire Cut Juniper Project with Dr. Ronald Towner at the University of Arizona and Michelle Stevens at the USDA Forest Service in La Junta, Colorado—a project and challenge cost share agreement between the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research and the USDA Forest Service, Pike and San Isabel National Forests, Cimarron and Comanche National Grassland (PCISS).

2013 Caldwell Basin, Fremont County, Wyoming archaeological project—I conducted dendrochronological research in the Caldwell Basin while both the GRSLE field program (under Dr. Larry Todd) and the Bighorn Basin Archaeological Field School 2013 (under Dr. Laura Scheiber, Indiana University) did all the serious archaeological documentation and labor.

Stockade Site, Montana—A joint research project conducted with Jeremy Johnston, Managing Editor of The Papers of William F. Cody, Buffalo Bill Historical Center (BBHC) in Cody, Wyoming along with Dr. Lawrence C. Todd of the GRSLE project.

Rattlesnake Mountain Lodge—Dendrochronological research conducted in collaboration with Kierson L. Crume, Bureau of Land Management, Archaeologist, Wyoming Field Office, Cody, Wyoming.

Research Interests

Dendroarchaeology; culturally modified trees; high-altitude archaeology; collaborative research; cultural contact; cultural landscapes; plains archaeology