Jay Stephens

About Jay Stephens

I am a PhD candidate from the University of Arizona and apply geochemical and archaeometric techniques to understand the practices and behaviors of past human cultures. In my dissertation, I apply lead isotopic and archaeometallurgical analyses to provenance copper-based metals from Iron age southern African archaeological sites. With this data, I aim to reconstruct the practices, mobility, and interactions of these communities, particularly as they relate to periods of state formation in southern Africa. I have worked on projects and excavations in the United States, Greece, Italy, central Asia, and India, and combine several archaeometric techniques (including various mass spectrometry, XRF, SEM-EDS, Microprobe, and metallographic techniques) to study the practices and behaviors responsible for the production of material culture.  

Areas of Study

African Archaeology, Archaeometry

Research Interests

Archaeometry, Geochemistry, Materials science, lead isotopic analysis, provenance analysis, social network analysis, African archaeology, the archaeology of Early Iron age Greece, microstructural analysis of Archaeological objects, archaeometallurgy, ceramic analysis