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Jessica Ray's picture
Jessica Ray
Second Year Joint PhD Student, Anthropology and Linguistics. I am interested broadly in the intersections of race, gender, and language. My language-related interests include phonetics, phonology, African American English, and Hip Hop linguistics.
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Marcy Reiser's picture
Marcy Reiser
Marcy Reiser is from Denver, Colorado and went to University of California-Santa Cruz for her undergraduate studies where she received a BA in anthropology and women’s studies. She spent a couple of years toiling away at  a political science degree at the New School for Social Research in NYC...
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Sarah Renkert's picture
Sarah Renkert
Sarah graduated from Indiana University, where she majored in Spanish and International Studies.  At the University of Arizona, she is studying Applied Sociocultural Anthropology.  Her research interests include food justice and sovereignty organizing, food insecurity, culinary and cultural tourism...
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Rebecca Renteria's picture
Rebecca Renteria
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant
Office: Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (Bannister 300A-8)
Rebecca's research focuses on methods of identification of ethnicity in the archaeological and historical records during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the American Southwest. Ethnicity, or cultural association, can be expressed explicitly through architecture style or other material...
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William Robertson's picture
William Robertson
PhD Candidate
In the broadest sense, I am interested in the interplay of culture, science, and medicine. More specifically, my research involves questions concerning how biomedical education, training, specialization, and practice are co-constitutive with sex/gender and sexuality. Building on my previous...
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Emilio Rodriguez-Alvarez's picture
Emilio Rodriguez-Alvarez
  I attended USC (University of Santiago de Compostela) for my BA and MA in Research in Archaeology, and the University of Reading (United Kingdom) for my second MA in Archaeology. After two years working as a researcher in Santiago de Compostela, and one at ASU as a visiting scholar, with the...
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Rachel Rosenbaum's picture
Rachel Rosenbaum
Graduate Assistant
Rachel’s research interests geographically focus in the Middle East, specifically Lebanon and the Levant. For her Master's research, Rachel will conduct fieldwork in Beirut, Lebanon, investigating historically shifting border policies between Syria and Lebanon and shifting attitudes of xenophobia...
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Dana Drake Rosenstein's picture
Dana Drake Rosenstein
TEL: 520.621.7986
FAX: 520.621.2088
Office: Haury 411
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