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Katie MacFarland's picture
Katie MacFarland
Office: ASM South 207
I am a Ph.D. candidate in archaeology. My dissertation focuses on linking Animal Style Art of Scythians, Saka, and Xiongnu peoples in north central Eurasia during the first millennium BCE to religious symbolism. I am currently a Research Specialist for the Collections Division at the Arizona State...
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Jessica MacLellan's picture
Jessica MacLellan
Office: Haury 408A
I am a Ph.D. candidate focusing on Mesoamerican archaeology. In my dissertation research, I investigate the role of household ritual in the development of ancient Maya society. Over the past few years, I excavated an early residential area at the site of Ceibal, in Guatemala.
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Luminita-Anda Mandache's picture
Luminita-Anda Mandache
Office: Geronimo 302
I was born in a little town at the Romanian border with Bulgaria, on the coast of the Black Sea. This is where I attended high school before going to Bucharest to continue my studies with a BA in Communications and Public Relations.  I then worked for one year as a journalist specialized in...
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Stephanie Martin's picture
Stephanie Martin
PhD student in the Mediterranean Archaeology concentration From Baltimore, Maryland, I spent my undergrad outside of Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr College where I graduated with a B.A. from the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology with minors in Geology and Latin. I have excavated in...
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Nicole M. Mathwich's picture
Nicole M. Mathwich
Zooarchaeology Curatorial Assistant
TEL: 520-621-3620
Office: 311A, Arizona State Museum, 1013 E University Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85721-0026
I am a Ph.D. candidate in Archaeology. Currently, I am researching the introduction of domesticated animals during the mission period in the Pimeria Alta, now Southern Arizona.  I explore the shifting relationships between humans, landscapes, and animals during the colonial period and the...
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Jonathan McLeod's picture
Jonathan McLeod
The purpose of my research to contribute to our knowledge of how we as a species can create new social, economic, and livelihood systems in light of global climate change and severe ecological degradation, including what it means to "develop" or to be "modern". I proceed, cautiously, under the...
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Caitlin McPherson's picture
Caitlin McPherson
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Kent Mead's picture
Kent Mead
I am a student in the Applied Archaeology Master’s Program. Originally from Ohio, I have spent the past eight years in the Southwest, mostly in New Mexico.  I graduated with an A.A.S. in Archaeology from Hocking College in 2000 and received a B.A. in Archaeology from Kent State University in 2005....
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Kerith Miller's picture
Kerith Miller
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Maria del Carmen Morua Leyva's picture
Maria del Carmen Morua Leyva
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Victoria Moses's picture
Victoria Moses
Victoria (Vicki) Moses is part of the Archaeology of the Mediterranean World concentration at the UA. She has conducted fieldwork in Rome, Arcadia, and Sardinia, as well as central Ghana and Northern Michigan. Her focus is on faunal analysis in the Mediterranean.
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Rebecca Mountain's picture
Rebecca Mountain
I am a Ph.D. candidate in the archaeology program, with a specific focus on bioarchaeology. My dissertation research focuses on the evolution of osteoporosis and skeletal fragility in modern humans, as well as possible selective pressures driving the gracilization of the human skeleton. I am also...
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