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Michelle Gamber's picture
Michelle Gamber
Ph.D. Program
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Katie Gillespie's picture
Katie Gillespie
Ph.D. Program
While I am most comfortable on the east coast, and specifically in the southeast, Arizona has grown on me. After 6 weeks at a sexual abuse/family violence NGO in northern South Africa in 2002, I have be trying to find a way back. I took a break between my MA and PhD to work for 2 years at a sexual...
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Mary Kay Gilliland's picture
Mary Kay Gilliland
Adjunct Associate Professor of Anthropology
TEL: 520.206.6645
Office: Pima Community College
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Gitanjali Gnanadesikan's picture
Gitanjali Gnanadesikan
PhD Student
I am a biologist who is interested in cogntive development and evolution. I work with Evan MacLean in the Arizona Canine Cognition Center studying cognitive development and evolution.
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Bryan James Gordon's picture
Bryan James Gordon
TEL: 520.626.5546
Office: Haury 317
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Samantha L. Grace's picture
Samantha L. Grace
Our rights and responsibilities change with age, that much is clear, but what exactly is age? Ethnographic research with Ecuadorian 10th graders and their families shows how many different ways of understanding age change our expectations of ourselves, intersecting with gender, class, race, and...
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Linda Green's picture
Linda Green
Associate Professor of Anthropology
TEL: 520-621-6298
FAX: 520.621.2088
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 310C
I am a socio-cutural and medical anthropologist. In my scholarship I draw on insights garnered from over two decades of field-based research that has centered on multi-dimensional aspects of violence, directed in particular, against indigenous peoples in three geographical regions,1. in the rural...
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James B. Greenberg's picture
James B. Greenberg
Professor of Anthropology & Research Anthropologist (BARA)
TEL: 520.621.6316
FAX: 520.621.2088
Office: Geronimo Building, Room 324
Editor,Journal of Political Ecology.
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Deanna N. Grimstead's picture
Deanna N. Grimstead
PhD Student (in-field)
Profile Deanna received a B.A., 2001, and M.A., 2005, in anthropology from California State University, Chico. Her thesis entitled, "Tracking Artiodactyl Hunting Across Late Period Northern California: An Assessment of Traditional and Geochemical Methods", applied a well known zooarchaeological...
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