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Lindsey Raisa Feldman's picture
Lindsey Raisa Feldman
TEL: 520-904-0156
Hi there. I'm Lindsey, and I am in the process of receiving my PhD in sociocultural anthropology, with a minor in history and social memory. I received my MA in sociocultural anthropology in May of 2013 here at the U of A.  For a full biography, including my Master's research, CV, publications, and...
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Thomas R Fenn's picture
Thomas R Fenn
PhD Dissertator
ProfileTom Fenn is a Ph.D candidate in the School of Anthropology (advisor: Dr. David Killick) with a minor in Geology. He has a BA in Anthropology (minors in Geology and Classics) from the University of Maine, and a MSc in Geology (minor in Anthropology) from the University of New Orleans (2001...
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T. J. Ferguson's picture
T. J. Ferguson
Professor of Anthropology; Coordinator (M.A. in Applied Archaeology); Chair, University Indian Ruins Preservation and Management Committee
TEL: 520.626.9684
FAX: 520.621.2088
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 408D
T. J. Ferguson is an archaeologist in the School of Anthropology, where he coordinates the MA in Applied Archaeology program and serves as the editor of the Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona. Dr. Ferguson specializes in collaborative research with Native Americans needed for...
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Timothy J. Finan (On Sabbatical Fall 2017)'s picture
Timothy J. Finan (On Sabbatical Fall 2017)
Professor of Anthropology, Research Anthropologist (BARA)
TEL: 520.621.6972
FAX: 520.612.9608
Office: Geronimo 300
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Paul R. Fish's picture
Paul R. Fish
Professor of Anthropology, Curator, Archaeology (Arizona State Museum)
TEL: 520.621.2556
FAX: 520.612.2876
Office: Arizona State Museum North, Room 209
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Suzanne K. Fish's picture
Suzanne K. Fish
Professor of Anthropology, Curator, Archaeology (Arizona State Museum)
TEL: 520.626.8290
FAX: 520.621.2976
Office: Arizona State Museum North, Room 213
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Samantha Fladd's picture
Samantha Fladd
I am a PhD candidate focusing on the archaeology of the Puebloan Southwest.  My regions of focus are  the Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster of northeast Arizona and Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico. The large, contiguous structures of these regions allow me to investigate the population dynamics...
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Lars Fogelin's picture
Lars Fogelin
Associate Professor and Associate Director, Anthropology
TEL: 520.621.6305
FAX: 520.621.2088
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 312
Lars Fogelin studies the archaeology of Buddhism in South Asia. Fogelin also engages in broader research on the archaeology of religion and the application of the philosophy of science to archaeology.
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Mathew Fox's picture
Mathew Fox
TEL: 520.621.2585
My main area of interest lies within the geoarchaeology of prehistoric China primarily focusing on paleoenvironmental reconstructions and site formation processes. Particularly, I am interested early to middle Pleistocene localities associated with the evolution of H. Erectus and early humans....
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Brittany Franck's picture
Brittany Franck
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Karin Friederic's picture
Karin Friederic
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Wake Forest University
Current Email:   friedeku(at) Graduated, UA: 2011    
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