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Antonio José (Tom-Zé) Bacelar da Silva's picture
Antonio José (Tom-Zé) Bacelar da Silva
Ph.D. Program
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Charla Dain's picture
Charla Dain
Administrative Assistant
TEL: 520.621.2966
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 208
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Zhargal Dampilon's picture
Zhargal Dampilon
M.A. Program
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Therese A. de Vet's picture
Therese A. de Vet
Assistant Professor of Practice, Anthropology
TEL: 520.621.6287
FAX: 520.621.6287
Office: Emil W. Haury Building, Room 313A
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Jeffrey S. Dean's picture
Jeffrey S. Dean
Professor of Anthropology, Professor (Dendrochronology), Curator, Archaeology (Arizona State Museum) [RETIRED]
TEL: 520.621.2320
FAX: 520.621.8229
Office: West Stadium, Room 105B
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Carlos Del Cairo's picture
Carlos Del Cairo
PhD Alumni
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A. Richard Diebold's picture
A. Richard Diebold
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
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William Doelle's picture
William Doelle
President, Desert Archaeology, Inc.
William H. Doelle (PhD University of Arizona 1980) Prehistoric archaeology, ethnohistory, public archaeology, demography; Southwest United States, North America. Since 1982.
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Uphaar Dooling's picture
Uphaar Dooling
Program Coordinator
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Christopher D. Dore's picture
Christopher D. Dore
Adjunct Professor of Anthropology
TEL: (415) 466-2980
Office: Off Campus
Dr. Dore is a consulting archaeologist specializaing in the business of heritage management.  Dr. Dore's private-sector career experience includes working in executive and senior management positions for international heritage and environmental consulting firms. He currently works for...
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Christine Duddleston's picture
Christine Duddleston
Business Manager, Senior
TEL: 520-621-6974
Office: Haury 223B
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Austin Duncan's picture
Austin Duncan
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Joseph Dupris's picture
Joseph Dupris
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Florence Durney's picture
Florence Durney
Doctoral Candidate in Sociocultural Anthropology           
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Samuel Duwe's picture
Samuel Duwe
Ph.D. Program
I grew up in northern Michigan and attended the University of Michigan for my B.A.  After working in east-central Arizona, I'm currently performing dissertation fieldwork in northern New Mexico studying Classic Period population coalescence of the Ancestral Tewa pueblos.  
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