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Carney Is Udall Fellow

Megan Carney, SoA Assistant Professor and Center for Regional Food Studies Director, was selected for the Udall Public Policy Fellowship. The Udall Center Faculty Fellows review committee decision was unanimous. Dr. Carney will take the fellowship in the fall semester and will deliver a Udall Center colloquium on her work to a small group of invited guests at some point during the course of the 2019–2020 academic year. Her project is titled “Community-based approaches to monitor and improve the Southern Arizona-Sonora Borderlands Foodshed: Cultivating the network of collaborators.”

Brief description: The Udall fellowship will allow me to begin cultivating the network of collaborators across the southern Arizona-Sonora borderlands region to implement a decentralized and participatory process for data collection, synthesis, and writing of the annual State of the Tucson Food System report both in print and interactive, digital formats. As emphasized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and transnational organizations such as Via Campesina, restoring decision-making and control over food systems to local communities is of the highest importance as we look toward cultivating food sovereignty and adapting to global climate change. A unique aspect of this project is that I will prioritize outreach and recruitment efforts with women from rural communities. This project will serve a community development role in advancing a “citizen science” approach and including women as collaborators in research. Their participation will allow outsiders, including policymakers, to view issues from locals’ perspectives, and will help participants to understand how they can be a part of shaping policy and have a voice in the resource management of our foodshed. (Anthro Digest date: 5/24/2019)