AZCCC Represents SoA at Florida Conference

Grad student Daniel Horschler reports that members of the Arizona Canine Cognition Center group attended the International Conference on Comparative Cognition in Melbourne Beach, Florida last week and gave a few talks. Here’s a link to the conference program. The SoA presenters were:

Gitanjali Gnanadesikan, Evan MacLean, and Brian Hare, “Estimating the Heritability of Cognitive Traits across Dog Breeds”
Emily Bray, Gitanjali Gnanadesikan, Daniel Horschler, and Evan MacLean, “Early emerging cognition in 9-week-old puppies”
Evan MacLean, Emily Bray, Gitanjali Gnanadesikan, and Daniel Horschler, "Heritability of Cognitive Traits in a Pedigreed Dog Population”
Daniel Horschler, Laurie Santos, and Evan MacLean, “Do non-human primates really represent others’ ignorance?”

Daniel also recently received the Herbert E. Carter Travel Award ($600) from the Cognitive Science Graduate Interdisciplinary Program and a UA Graduate and Professional Student Council Travel Grant ($750) to fund travel to/from the conference, and his talk (“Do non-human primates really represent others’ ignorance?”) was selected as a finalist for the Ron Weisman Outstanding Student Presentation award.