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Hasaki News Clippings

2021. "Hasaki Coedits a Volume on Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World" (link to article)

2020. "Students in Hasaki's Course Compare Ancient Pandemics to Current One" (link to article)

2019. "Accessing Greek Kilns Online" ASCSA (link to article)

2015. "Eleni Hasaki Presents at Pyrotechnology Symposium" (link to article)

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2015. "Hasaki and DeLozier Receive Award at AIA Meetings." Jan. 2015 (link to article)

2014. "Confuelncenter Grant Helps Fund Interdisciplinary Colloquium on Potters' Communities in Ancient Greece and the Mediterranean." Oct. 14 (link to article)

2014. "Eleni Hasaki Delivers Keynote Lecture at Italian Conference." May 2014 (link to article)

2014. "Greek Government Donation Strengthens UA Library Holdings for Research in Mediterranean Archaeology." Mar. 2014 (link to article)

2013. "UA Students Study Ancient Greek Pottery Techniques." UA News May 1, 2013 (link to article)

2013. "Eleni Hasaki Delivers Distinguished Lecture at Bryn Mawr College." April 2013 (link to article)

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2012. "UA Students Explore Greek Islands in New Summer Abroad Program." UA News Sep. 6, 2012 (link to article)

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2005. "Bryn Mawr Now: Undergraduates Team with Scholar for Research Project." Bryn Mawr College Newsletter (link to article)