Foci of Study for the Major

Major foci of study within the traditional subdisciplines of Anthropology:

Archaeology seeks to understand human behavior based on material remains from the past, attempting not only to discover and describe past cultures, but also to formulate explanations for the development of culture.
Faculty, Archaeology


Biological Anthropology
Biological anthropology stresses an evolutionary perspective that integrates molecular, population, and species level data to examine human evolution through hominid evolution, primate behavior, and human development and adaptabilty.
Faculty, Biological Anthropology


Linguistic Anthropology
Linguistic anthropology explores the complex relationships between language and culture by combining social theory with the analysis of linguistic form and the study of variation in language across time and space and the social uses of language.
Faculty, Linguistic Anthropology


Sociocultural Anthropology
The Department of Anthropology at the University of Arizona has a distinguished reputation as one of the leading programs in the country, with a graduate program consistently ranked among the nation’s top five.

Sociocultural anthropology at the University of Arizona remains at the forefront of recent developments in the discipline while maintaining established theoretical and research strengths, and a commitment to fieldwork. 
Faculty, Sociocultural Anthropology