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Foci of Study for the Major (Subfields)

There are four major foci of study in SoA that reflect the traditional sub-disciplines of Anthropology:

Archaeology seeks to understand human behavior based on spatial, temporal and material evidence from the past. This major is about discovering and understanding past cultures, and formulating explanations for their development and evolution. In addition to accommodating a wide range of studies of forager, village-based, and complex societies, a unique subspecialty within the major specializes on later prehistory and the Classic period.
Faculty, Archaeology


Biological Anthropology
The Division of Biological Anthropology at the University of Arizona weaves together a diverse multi-disciplinary approach to understand the biological evolution of humans and our closest relatives. Our program integrates individual, population, and species level data to examine the evolution and biology of humans and other primates. We achieve this through studying behavior, cognition, physiology, and genetics, throughout development and the entire lifespan. We are also dedicated to understanding the relationships between sociality and health to inform modern human conditions.
Faculty, Biological Anthropology
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Linguistic Anthropology
Linguistic anthropology explores the complex relationships between language and culture by combining social theory with the analysis of linguistic form, variation in language across time and space, and the social uses of language.
Faculty, Linguistic Anthropology


Sociocultural Anthropology
Sociocultural anthropology focuses on the dynamics of society and culture in the recent era. Areas of study in this major are highly diverse and include medical, political, and environmental anthropologies. This rapidly evolving sub-discipline integrates established theoretical and research strengths and a commitment to fieldwork within the major.
Faculty, Sociocultural Anthropology