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Kathryn Turney



Kathryn Turney
Anthropology (Major) and American Indian Studies (Minor)
Summer 2014 Intern, Petrified Forest National Park

This past summer (2014) I was an Archaeological Intern at Petrified Forest National Park. PEFO recently added a significant amount of land to the existing park and archaeological survey is an important component when making a decision on how to best protect the land and yet share it with the public. Our days consisted of boots on the ground survey, recording sites and adding the sites to PEFO’s database.

There was so much to be learned from the experience of interning but the key for me was applying previous classroom knowledge and prior field experience with the ways in which the park system operates. Cultural Resource Management archaeology, which is where I have experience, is fast paced and results driven, with the client in mind. Archaeology at the park was results driven as well, but the emphasis was on the preservation of sites within the new expansion lands, something that CRM does not always get to address. The work at the National Park Service is done for the general public so that the lands can be shared by all.

The stark beauty of Petrified Forest National Park and the ability to conduct archaeological survey in places not yet seen by many made this a once-in-a-life time opportunity to learn while in a magnificent setting. Further information about what we uncovered this summer can be found at