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Shoot to Reveal: Creative Photography by Professor Brackette Williams


Mar 23 2018 - 2:45pm to 6:15pm

Associate Professor Brackette Williams invites you to a first exhibit of her creative landscape photography. Light refreshments will be served.

Location: Steinfeld Warehouse, 101 West 6th Street (parking on 9th Avenue)

The camera creates as it captures. In seemingly singular objects it reveals the products of games the mind and eye play with one another. In these games, sun rays throw napalm flares and grow burning bushes. As space becomes place, the moon is laced into Palo Verde branches. On a cloudy day, across the sky a dragon dances or a buffalo head nudges a seahorse. The wind changes and double-faced babies hold hands across puddles of azure blue, only to disappear in a pink swirl with the next wind gust. Later, the light diminishes and hides itself in the eyes of a cloud giant, who uses it to beam a warning to rush-hour motorists. On land, any day, one weathered tree stump is really an elephant head and another is a unicorn; change the camera angle and it is a duck.

Come and see what you can see of the extraordinary in the ordinary vistas our daily world provides!

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