Diebold Linguistic Anthropology Teaching Laboratory


The Diebold Linguistic Anthropology Teaching Laboratory (the “ling anth lab”) is a dynamic research space providing faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates with multimedia recording equipment, private experimental facilities, data storage, analytical software, digitization capability, and a venue for meetings and interactive encounters between students in cultural and linguistic anthropology. Within the lab, students work on phonetic analysis, linguistic elicitation, discourse analysis, video/multimedia methodologies, visual anthropology, and ethnographic film both as part of their own research and as part of faculty-led grant-funded projects. Examples of research projects in the lab include semiotic, performative, interactionist, grammatical variationist approaches, as well as studies of language shift, language revitalization, and language socialization.

Linguistic anthropology graduate students host biweekly linguistic anthropology lab meetings during the fall and spring semesters.


Jennifer Roth-Gordon website
Area: Linguistic anthropology, language, culture, and power, language ideologies, race and language, youth language, discourse analysis, racial identity construction, critical race studies, whiteness, Brazil.
Contact: jen roth g at email dot arizona dot edu


Qing Zhang website
Area: Sociolinguistics, language and social identity, language and gender, linguistic variation and change in the context of globalization Chinese sociolinguistics.
Contact: zhang q 1 at email dot arizona dot edu



We are located in the Emil Haury Anthropology Building, at the corner of N. Park Avenue, E. 4th Street and E. South Campus Drive.



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