Staff and faculty are working remotely and all remain on email and able to set up phone and virtual meetings upon request. We are doing our best to respond to calls and emails when they come in and will respond to requests as soon as possible.

Phone: 520-621-2585 and 520-621-6298
Please visit SoA COVID-19 Information OR the School of Anthropology Research Restart Approval Process page:

Designated Campus Colleagues

Satoshi Abe - Associate

Khaled Al-Bashaireh - Associate

Elliot Blair - Associate

Lewis Borck - Associate

Tammy Y Buonasera - Associate

Paola Canova Cabanas - Associate

Lauren Carruth - Associate

Jessica Cerezo-Roman - Associate

Scarlett Chiu - Associate

Tanya Chiykowski - Associate

Karen Coelho - Associate

Murray Cox - Associate

Rebecca Cramer - Associate

Rebecca Dean - Associate

Roderick K Donald - Fall 2013 UIR Residential Scholar

Ester Echenique - Associate

Thomas R Fenn - Associate

Brandon M Gabler - Associate

Vanda Gerhart - Associate

Patricia A. Gilman - Associate

Samantha L Grace - Associate

Janet L Griffitts - Associate

William Haas - Associate

Jeannette P Hanby - Associate

Thomas A Hansen - Associate

Mary Harcourt - Associate

Mark E Harlan - Associate

Sarah Herr - Associate

Kacy L Hollenback - Spring 2014 UIR Residential Scholar

Jeffrey Homburg - Associate

Maren Hopkins - Associate

Deborah L Huntley - Associate

Fumie Iizuka - Associate

Louise Iles - Associate

Lisa Janz - Associate

Laura J Kosakowsky - Associate

Tiina Helena Manne - Associate

Brian R Mckee - Associate

Kelly McLain - Associate

Susan M Mentzer - Associate

Paul Edward Minnis - Associate

Jessica Mogk - Associate

Jeremy Moss - Associate

Deborah L Neff - Associate

Heidi Ann Orcutt-Gachiri - Associate

Mary Faye Ownby - Associate

Christopher Papalas - Associate

Matthew A Peeples - Associate

Victoria M Phaneuf - Associate

Mary M Prasciunas - Associate

Amanda Quinby - Associate

Christopher I Roos- Spring 2014 UIR Residential Scholar

Clara Scarry - Associate

Karen Schollmeyer - Associate

Jonathan B Scholnick - Associate

Stuart D Scott - Associate

Deni J Seymour - Associate

David Leedom Shaul - Associate

Priscilla Shin - Associate

William Soland - Associate

Nicholas L Stapp - Associate

Britt M Starkovich - Associate

Angie Stinnett - Associate

Thomas Strong - Associate

John Homer Thiel - Associate

Molly Totman - Associate

Traci Van Deest - Associate

Scott Van Keuren - Associate

Laurie Diane Webster - Associate

Kathleen G Williamson - Associate

Summer Woo - Associate