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Sociocultural Anthropology

The School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona has a distinguished reputation as one of the leading programs in the country, with a graduate program consistently ranked among the nation’s top five.

Sociocultural anthropology at the University of Arizona combines theoretical and methodological innovation with a strong commitment to fieldwork and to ethnographic writing. The socio-cultural faculty has exceptionally broad interests, ranging from historical colonialism to contemporary forms of globalization; from population history to current immigration in the Americas; from race and ethnicity to nationalism; from legal anthropology to human rights. Faculty members conduct research in North America--including the US-Mexico borderlands--as well as in Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Socio-cultural faculty interests in global health disparities, religion, violence, performance, social memory, materiality, evolution, complexity, political ecology, health, and language resonate with those of the School's archaeological, biological, linguistic and applied anthropologists. These crosscutting interests are reflected in our Interdisciplinary Research Foci in Ecological & Evolutionary Anthropology, Historical Anthropology & Social Memory, Medical Anthropology, and Southwest Land, Culture & Society. These concentrations foster integration and innovative synergies across the sub-fields of Anthropology and can be incorporated as part of the socio-cultural major or as a separate minor.


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