Gordon Bronitsky Tours the Chinle Valley Singers to China, November 9-19, 2012

Gordon Bronitsky is President of Bronitsky and Associates (www.bronitskyandassociates.com), a firm which specializes in working with Indigenous artists and performers from around the world.  In November, he toured the Chinle Valley Singers (http://bronitskyandassociates.com/chinle.htm) for a performance tour of American Cultural Centers at Chinese universities in Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin and Beijing.  Full houses and enthusiastic audiences at every performance--efforts are already underway to bring the Chinle Valley Singers back for another tour in 2013.  There were many opportunities to interact with students at these venues and of course, to enjoy superb Chinese food at every meal.  You can read more about the tour at Gordon's blog, http://bronitskyandassociates.com/wordpress/.

Gordon has previously toured the group to Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, England, Italy, Dubai and Oman.  One of his current projects is to produce IndigeNOW!  Indigenous Opera From Three Continents and Three Countries.

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6 years 5 months ago

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