Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona

Anthropological Papers of The University of Arizona (all 1995 and earlier):

(#59) Of Marshes and Maize: Preceramic Agricultural Settlements in the Cienega Valley, Southeastern Arizona. Bruce B. Huckell. 1995, $14.95

(#58) Sourcing Prehistoric Ceramics at Chodistaas Pueblo, Arizona: The Circulation of People and Pots in the Grasshopper Region. María Nieves Zedeño. 1994, $14.95

(#57) Between Desert and River: Hohokam Settlement and Land Use in the Los Robles Community. Christian E. Downum. 1993. (O.P., D)

(#56) The Marana Community in the Hohokam World. Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and John H. Madsen, eds. 1992. $18.95.

(#55) Homolovi II: Archaeology of an Ancestral Hopi Village, Arizona. E. Charles Adams and Kelley Ann Hays, eds. 1991. (O.P., D)

(#54) Prehistoric Households at Turkey Creek Pueblo, Arizona. Julie C. Lowell. 1991. $24.95.

(#53) Mimbres Archaeology of the Upper Gila, New Mexico. Stephen H. Lekson. 1990. $35.95.

(#52) The Chinese of Early Tucson: Historic Archaeology from the Tucson Urban Renewal Project. Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister. 1989. $33.50.

(#51) Patarata Pottery: Classic Period Ceramics of the South-central Gulf Coast, Veracruz, Mexico. Barbara L. Stark. 1989. $33.50.

(#50) Point of Pines, Arizona: A History of the University of Arizona Archaeological Field School. Emil W. Haury. 1989. $23.00.

(#49) Mortuary Practices and Social Differentiation at Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico. John C. Ravesloot. 1988. $27.95.

(#48) Pre-Hispanic Occupance in the Valley of Sonora, Mexico. William E. Doolittle. 1988. $28.50.

(#47) Preclassic Maya Pottery at Cuello, Belize. Laura J. Kosakowsky. 1987. $30.95.

(#46) Ejidos and Regions of Refuge in Northwestern Mexico. N. Ross Crumrine and Phil C. Weigand, eds. 1987. $24.95.

(#45) The Geoarchaeology of Whitewater Draw, Arizona. Michael R. Waters. 1986. $17.95.

(#44) Settlement, Subsistence, and Society in Late Zuni Prehistory. Keith W. Kintigh. 1985. (O.P., D)

(#43) Cultural and Environmental History of Cienega Valley, Southeastern Arizona. Frank W. Eddy and Maurice E. Cooley. 1983. $9.95.

(#42) The Cochise Cultural Sequence in Southeastern Arizona. E. B. Sayles. 1983. $18.95.

(#41) The Asturian of Cantabria: Early Holocene Hunter-Gatherers in Northern Spain. Geoffrey A. Clark. 1983. $20.95.

(#40) Multidisciplinary Research at Grasshopper Pueblo, Arizona. William A. Longacre, Sally J. Holbrook, and Michael W. Graves, eds. 1982. $17.95.

(#39) Sixteenth Century Maiolica Pottery in the Valley of Mexico. Florence C. Lister and Robert H. Lister. 1982. $14.95.

(#38) Themes of Indigenous Acculturation in Northwest Mexico. Thomas B. Hinton and Phil C. Weigand, eds. 1981. $9.95.

(#37) Ceramic Sequences in Colima: Capacha, an Early Phase. Isabel Kelly. 1980. $12.95.

(#36) Archaeological Explorations in Caves of the Point of Pines Region, Arizona. James C. Gifford. 1980. $25.95.

(#35) Basketmaker Caves in the Prayer Rock District, Northeastern Arizona. Elizabeth Ann Morris. 1980. $16.95.

(#34) The Durango South Project: Archaeological Salvage of Two Late Basketmaker III Sites in the Durango District. John D. Gooding. 1980. $25.95.

(#33) Indian Assimilation in the Franciscan Area of Nueva Vizcaya. William B. Griffen. 1979. $16.95.

(#32) Wooden Ritual Artifacts from Chaco Canyon, New Mexico: The Chetro Ketl Collection. R. Gwinn Vivian, Dulce N. Dodgen, and Gayle H. Hartmann. 1978. (O.P.)

(#31) Fort Bowie Material Culture. Robert M. Herskovitz. 1978. (O.P.)

(#30) The Hodges Ruin: A Hohokam Community in the Tucson Basin. Isabel Kelly, with the collaboration of James E. Officer and Emil W. Haury; Gayle H. Hartmann, ed. 1978 (O.P.)

(#29) Cocopa Ethnography. William H. Kelly. 1977. (O.P., D)

(#28) Carib-Speaking Indians: Culture, Society, and Language. Ellen B. Basso, ed. 1977. (O.P.)

(#27) Seri Prehistory: The Archaeology of the Central Coast of Sonora, Mexico. Thomas Bowen. 1976. (O.P.)

(#26) Excavations at Punta de Agua in the Santa Cruz River Basin, Southeastern Arizona. J. Cameron Greenleaf. 1975. $13.95.

(#25) Irrigation's Impact on Society. Theodore E. Downing and McGuire Gibson, eds. 1974. (O.P.)

(#24) Population, Contact, and Climate in the New Mexico Pueblos. Ezra B. W. Zubrow. 1974. (O.P.)

(#23) The Indians of Point of Pines, Arizona: A Comparative Study of Their Physical Characteristics. Kenneth A. Bennett. 1973. (O.P.)

(#22) Social Functions of Language in a Mexican-American Community. George C. Barker. 1972. $8.95.

(#21) Apachean Culture History and Ethnology. Keith H. Basso and Morris E. Opler, eds. 1971.

(#20) Mexican Macaws: Comparative Osteology. Lyndon L. Hargrave. 1970. $7.95.

(#19) White Mountain Redware: A Pottery Tradition of East-Central Arizona and Western New Mexico. Roy L. Carlson. 1970.

(#18) Broken K Pueblo: Prehistoric Social Organization in the American Southwest. James N. Hill. 1970. (O.P., D)

(#17) Archaeology as Anthropology: A Case Study. William A. Longacre. 1970. $7.95.

(#16) Lithic Analysis and Cultural Inference: A Paleo-Indian Case. Edwin N. Wilmsen. 1970. (O.P.)

(#15) Western Apache Witchcraft. Keith H. Basso. 1969.

(#14) Ceremonial Exchange as a Mechanism in Tribal Integration Among the Mayos of Northwest Mexico. Lynn S. Crumrine. 1969. (O.P.)

(#13) Culture Change and Shifting Populations in Central Northern Mexico. William B. Griffen. 1969. $24.95.

(#12) Papago Indians at Work. Jack O. Waddell. 1969. $15.95.

(#11) The Albuquerque Navajos. William H. Hodge. 1969. (O.P.)

(#10) An Appraisal of Tree-Ring Dated Pottery in the Southwest. David A. Breternitz. 1966. (O.P.)

(#9) Salvage Archaeology in Painted Rocks Reservoir, Western Arizona. William W. Wasley and Alfred E. Johnson, 1965. $12.95.

(#8) The House Cross of the Mayo Indians of Sonora, Mexico. N. Ross Crumrine. 1964. (O.P.)

(#7) The San Carlos Indian Cattle Industry. Harry T. Getty. 1964. (O.P.)

(#6) The Maricopas: An Identification from Documentary Sources. Paul H. Ezell. 1963. (O.P.)

(#5) The Phonology of Arizona Yaqui. Lynn S. Crumrine. 1961. (O.P., D)

(#4) A Survey of Indian Assimilation in Eastern Sonora. Thomas B. Hinton. 1959. (O.P.)

(#3) Marobavi: A Study of an Assimilated Group in Northern Sonora. Roger C. Owen. 1959. (O.P.)

(#2) Yaqui Myths and Legends. Ruth W. Giddings. 1959. Now in book form.

(#1) Excavations at Nantack Village, Point of Pines, Arizona. David A. Breternitz. 1959. (O.P.)

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