Anthropological Papers of the University of Arizona

This peer-reviewed monograph series began in 1959 and is sponsored jointly by the School of Anthropology and the Arizona State Museum. It is published and distributed by the University of Arizona Press. Editor of the series is Linda Gregonis, UA School of Anthropology. Click on any of the latest volumes for content information. 


  • (#80) Reframing the Northern Rio Grande Pueblo Economy
    Scott G. Ortman, editor
    2019, $19.95
  • (#79) Seventeenth-Century Metallurgy on the Spanish Colonial Frontier: Pueblo and Spanish Interactions
    Noah H. Thomas
    2018, $19.95
  • (#78) The Winged: An Upper Missouri River Ethno-Ornithology
    Authors: Kaitlyn Chandler, Wendi Field Murray, María Nieves Zedeño, Samrat Clements, Robert James
    2017, $19.95
  • (#77) The Ceramic Sequence of the Holmul Region, Guatemala
    Michael G. Callaghan and Nina Neivens de Estrada
    2016, $19.95
  • (#76) Los Primeros Mexicanos, Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene People of Sonora
    Guadalupe Sánchez
    2016, $19.95
  • (#75) Potters and Communities of Practice: Glaze Paint and Polychrome Pottery in the American Southwest, A.D. 1250–1700
    Linda S. Cordell and Judith A. Habicht-Mauch, Editors
    2012, $19.95
  • (#74) Burnt Corn Pueblo: Conflict and Conflagration in the Galisteo Basin, A.D. 1250–1325
    James E. Snead and Mark W. Allen, Editors
    2011, $19.95
  • (#73) In the Aftermath of Migration: Renegotiating Ancient Identity in Southeastern Arizona
    Anna A. Neuzil
    2008, $17.95
  • (#72) Ancestral Zuni Glaze-Decorated Pottery: Viewing Pueblo IV Regional Organization through Ceramic Production and Exchange
    Deborah L. Huntley
    2008, $17.95
  • (#71) Murray Springs, A Clovis Site with Multiple Activity Areas in the San Pedro Valley, Arizona
    C. Vance Haynes, Jr. and Bruce B. Huckell, Editors
    2007, $24.95
  • (#70) The Safford Valley Grids: Prehistoric Cultivation in the Southern Arizona Desert
    William E. Doolittle and James A. Neely, Editors
    Fall 2004, $16.95
  • (#69) Ancient Maya Life in the Far West Bajo: Social and Environmental Change in the Wetlands of Belize
    Julie L. Kunen
    Spring 2004, $16.95
  • (#68) Ancestral Hopi Migrations
    Patrick D. Lyons
    Spring 2003, $16.95
  • (#67) Salado Archaeology of the Upper Gila, New Mexico
    Stephen H. Lekson
    Spring 2002, $16.95
  • (#66) Beyond Chaco: Great Kiva Communities on the Mogollon Rim Frontier
    Sarah A. Herr
    Fall 2001, $16.95
  • (#65) Tracking Prehistoric Migrations: Pueblo Settlers among the Tucson Basin Hohokam
    Jeffery J. Clark
    Spring 2001, $16.95
  • (#64) Great House Communities Across the Chacoan Landscape
    John Kantner and Nancy M. Mahoney, Editors
    Spring, 2000, $16.95
  • (#63) Expanding the View of Hohokam Platform Mounds: An Ethnographic Perspective
    Mark D. Elson
    Fall, 1998, $16.95
  • (#62) Prehistoric Sandals from Northeastern Arizona: The Earl H. Morris and Ann Axtell Morris Research
    Kelley Ann Hays-Gilpin, Ann Cordy Deegan, and Elizabeth Ann Morris
    Spring, 1998, $15.95
  • (#61) Ceramic Commodities and Common Containers: Production and Distribution of White Mountain Red Ware in the Grasshopper Region, Arizona
    Daniela Triadan
    1997, $14.95
  • (#60) Historic Zuni Architecture and Society: An Archaeological Application of Space Syntax
    T. J. Ferguson
    1996, $14.95

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