Alumna-Faculty Duo Publish in Journal of Archaeological Science

Collaborative research by UA School of Anthropology recent alumnus Audrey Copeland (B.S. Anthropology, 2011) and faculty Jim Watson (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Assistant Curator of Bioarchaeology, ASM) has been published in the September issue of the Journal of Archaeological Science. Stratigraphy and geochronology of La Playa archaeological site, Sonora, Mexico documents the largest Early Agricultural period site in the Sonoran Desert, La Playa—located south of the international border in northern Sonora Mexico. The research team explored the presence of land snails suggesting permanent water within an extensive canal irrigation system developed by the first farming groups in the region. These early farmers extensively modified the desert landscape to invest in agricultural technology and provided the foundation for subsequent prehispanic civilizations in the area.

Published Date: 

7 years 2 months ago

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