ARCHIVAL Phase 5 Research Restart Process

Updated October 8, 2021

The University has now moved to Phase 5 of the research restart process, which is “full scope of research with some scale limitations."

In its response to this University decision, School of Anthropology researchers are no longer required to complete the RII and SBS checklists, nor the Coronavirus travel questionnaire, and the Research Committee will cease its restart role. Please consult the University's Research Restart website for updated safety protocols. Please note that domestic and international travel still requires travel authorization as it did pre-pandemic, and travel authorization is managed by the SoA business center. The SoA IRB Process remains in place; please see below.

Archived COVID-related research information can be found here.

Further details and links to policies and resources are on the SBS Research Restart website.

School of Anthropology IRB Instructions

SOA faculty and students (hereafter Researcher): The University has launched the electronic submission system for the Human Subjects review of relevant University research. Instructions for the e-IRB can be found on the Getting Started page of the Human Subjects Protection Program menu of the Vice-President for Research, Innovation, and Impact (RII) website, which includes access to several training modules for different IRB options. It is recommended that the training videos found on the site be reviewed.

Required compliance: On the RII Compliance Training Page, there are links to required compliances for research. Most are not relevant to routine SOA research activities, but each researcher should review them to identify those specific to their study. On the other hand:

  • The CITI training courses are obligatory for all researchers before the IRB request is submitted. These courses are online and available on the HSPP Training Requirements page.
  • Conflict of Interest compliance also requires completion of formal training and a formal statement of COI prior to the submission of the IRB request. See the Office for Responsible Outside Interests page (formerly the Conflict of Interest Program).

The new system has been somewhat simplified by having researchers enter the submission to the IRB committee via an electronic portal. There are likely to be kinks in the system, especially with regard to how the SOA monitors and archives submissions of its faculty and students. For now, the process of submitting a request involves the following steps:

  1. The first step is for the researcher to fill out the IRB Protocol form (which has been revised).
  2. Within the Protocol form, the researcher will find internal links to consent form templates, instructions for the recruitment of participants and advertising, research data collection tools, data management requirements, international travel registry, and other aspects of the submission.
  3. Next, the researcher seeks the Scientific/Scholarly Review and Department approval. The researcher sends the Protocol and other documents to Catherine Lehman in the SOA via email. She will register the request and pass the documents on to the SOA Human Subjects Committee for review by one of its members. This Committee may contact the researcher via email to ask for clarification or revision, in which case, the researcher should respond directly to the Committee member. The Research Committee will then send the reviewed documents to the SOA Director. Once all revisions have been completed and the submission request has been approved at the SOA level, the SOA Director will send an email to the researcher and the Human Subjects Committee issuing approval of the project. This approval from the Director is then attached to the new study application in the IRB submission along with all documents, including revised versions.
  4. Once the Protocol and its accompanying documents are prepared and the Scientific/Scholarly Review and Departmental approval granted, the researcher clicks the ACCESS EIRB tab on the right hand side of any HSPP page. This is the official UA submission pathway, and it requires the basic information about the proposed study. This application should be completed and the Protocol and other documents, including the Scientific/Scholarly Review and Departmental approval, should be attached before hitting the SUBMIT button.

At this point the IRB submission sits under the review of the UA IRB Committee. After approval (or not) of this Committee, the research can begin (or not).