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Claire is a PhD candidate. Originally from Chicago, Claire completed her BA in Anthropology and Classical Studies at the University of Michigan in 2008, and went on to receive a MA degree in Museum Studies from George Washington University in 2010. At the University of Arizona, Claire is majoring in Archaeology with a minor in the Anthropology of History and Memory. Claire’s dissertation research aims to understand the nature of social identity in communities that have experienced migration events and how the process of aggregation affects the differential expression of social identity on public and private scales. This research will explore the relationship between social identity, artifact style, and communities of practice in the late prehispanic U.S. Southwest. In archaeology, the study of social identity and cultural practice through ceramics largely has focused on decorated pottery. However, the importance of studying utility wares is often overlooked. By studying these issues through analysis of everyday objects, the detritus of commonplace domestic activity, Claire’s research will demonstrate the value of the everyday for understanding the social lives of people and communities.

Claire has conducted field and laboratory research on projects in Arizona, Colorado, Ireland, and Wales.

Claire's research interests include pre-contact archaeology of the American Southwest and northern Mexico (with an emphasis on northern Arizona); Hopi ethnography and history; migration and aggregation; social identity and material culture; communities of practice; ceramic analysis; ceramic production technology; management of museum collections; NAGPRA (history, implementation, cultural affiliation)

Selected Publications

2015   Young, Lisa C. and Claire S. Barker. Assessing the Value of Cracked Pots: Ceramic Repair and Life History at Homol’ovi. In Explorations in Behavioral Archaeology, edited by William H. Walker and James M. Skibo, pp. 276 – 309. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

2010    Barker, Claire S. How to Select Gloves: An Overview for Collections Staff.  Conserve O Gram Number 1/12.

In Press   Cutright-Smith, Elisabeth and Claire S. Barker. Pottery. In Chevelon: Pueblo at Blue Running Water, edited by E. Charles Adams, pp. 165-209. The University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

In Review   Barker, Claire S. and Lisa C. Young. Networks of Ceramic Exchange: Comparing Pueblo III Homolovi Pithouses and Pueblo Communities. Manuscript submitted for publication in Kiva.


Courses Taught

ANTH 160A: Patterns in Prehistory (TA)

Areas of Study

U.S. Southwest


Graduate Research Associate at the Arizona State Museum

Laboratory Director and Survey Crew Chief for the University of Arizona Rock Art Ranch Field School

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MA. George Washington University (Museum Studies)

B.A.. University of Michigan (Anthropology, Classical Studies)

Dissertation Title

Inconspicuous identity: using everyday objects to explore social identity within the communities of the Homol’ovi settlement cluster, AD 1260-1400