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My research addresses Native American and European experiences in the early colonial period, particularly from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth centuries. I am interested in the consequences of European colonization of North America, specifically the introduction of Eurasian livestock into indigenous subsistence systems, the effect of livestock on North American landscapes, and the integration of indigenous labor into expanding European market economies. The technical approach that I take to this research is zooarchaeology, the study of non-human animal remains from archaeological contexts.

Selected Publications

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet (2011) Rendering Economies: Native American Labor and Secondary Animal Products in the Eighteenth-Century Pimería Alta.  American Antiquity 76(1):3-23.  

Pavao-Zuckerman, Rick Karl, and John F. Chamblee (2011) FaunAZ: Arizona’s Archaeofaunal Index.  SAA Archaeological Record 11(1):33-36.

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet (2010) Animal Husbandry at Pimería Alta Missions: El Ganado en el Sudoeste de Norteamérica.  In Anthropological Approaches to Zooarchaeology: Colonialism, Complexity and Animal Transformations, edited by Doug Campana, Pam Crabtree, Susan deFrance, Justin Lev-Tov, and Alice Choyke, pp. 150-158.  Oxbow Books, Oxford.

Reitz, Elizabeth J., Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman, Daniel C. Weinand, and Gwyneth A.Duncan (2010) Mission and Pueblo of Santa Catalina de Guale, St. Catherines Island, Georgia: A Comparative Zooarchaeological Analysis.  Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, No. 91, New York, NY. 

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet (2008) Introduction and Practice of Animal Husbandry at Pimería Alta Missions.  Journal of the West 47(3):32-39.

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet (2007) Deerskins and Domesticates: Creek Subsistence and Economic Strategies in the Historic Period.  American Antiquity 72(1):5-33. 

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet and Vincent LaMotta  (2007) Missionization and Economic Change in the Pimería Alta: The Zooarchaeology of Mission San Agustín del Tucson.  International Journal of Historical Archaeology 11(3):241-268.

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet and Elizabeth J. Reitz (2006) Introduction and Adoption of Eurasian Livestock in North America.  In Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 3: Environment, Origins, and Population, edited by Douglas Ubelaker, pp. 485-491.  Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C.

Cameron, Judi L., Jenny A. Waters, Barnet Pavao-Zuckerman, Vincent M. LaMotta, and Peter D. Schulz (2006) Faunal Remains. In Rio Nuevo Archaeology, 2000-2003: Investigations at the San Agustín Mission and Mission Gardens, Tucson Presidio, Tucson Pressed Brick Company, and Clearwater Site, edited by J. Homer Thiel and Jonathan B. Mabry, pp. 13.1-13.51.  Desert Archaeology, Inc., Technical Report No. 2004-11, Tucson, AZ.

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet (2006) Missions, Livestock, and Economic Change.  SMRC Revista 40(149):10-15.

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet (2001) A Dog Burial Excavated at the Armorel Site, Arkansas (3MS23).  The Arkansas Archeologist 40:8-10.

Pavao-Zuckerman, Barnet (2000) Vertebrate Subsistence in the Mississippian-Historic Period Transition.  Southeastern Archaeology 19(2):135-144.

Pavao, Barnet and Peter W. Stahl (1999) Structural Density Assays of Leporid Skeletal Elements with Implications for Taphonomic, Actualistic and Archaeological Research.  Journal of Archaeological Science 26(1):53-66.

Chamblee, John F., Thomas Neumann, and Barnet Pavao (1998) Archival Salvage of the Plant Hammond Site.  Early Georgia 26(2):1-116.

Courses Taught

ANTH 638: Culture Contact and Colonialism

ANTH 472/572: Zooarchaeology and Taphonomy: Laboratory Methods

TRAD 104: Origins of Human Diversity

Areas of Study

Southeastern US

Southwestern US

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Contact Information

Associate Professor and Associate Director of Anthropology, Associate Curator of Zooarchaeology (ASM)
Telephone: 520.626.3989
Fax: 520.621.2976
Office: Arizona State Museum North, Room 215


Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Georgia, 2001

B.A., Anthropology, Binghamton University (SUNY), 1996

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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