Claire S. Barker

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I am a doctoral student in the School of Anthropology, majoring in Archaeology with a minor in the Anthropology of History and Memory. My research focuses on the expression of social identity through pottery and the technologies of production. More specifically, I am interested in how ceramics may illuminate the construction and maintenance of social identity in groups undergoing social upheaval; how communities undergoing migration or aggregation consciously and subconsciously express social and ethnic identity through material culture. My research emphasizes utilitarian pottery; archaeological studies of social identity and ceramics have largely focused on decorated pottery however, the importance of studying utility wares in order to explore identity and cultural practices is often overlooked.


MA. George Washington University (Museum Studies)

B.A.. University of Michigan (Anthropology, Classics)

Research Interests: 

Pottery, Ceramic technology, Communities of practice, Social and ethnic identity, Cultural contact, Migration and aggregation, Exchange, U.S. Southwest archaeology, Ceramic typological systems, Museum collections management, NAGPRA


Graduate Research Associate II at the Arizona State Museum

Laboratory Supervisor for the Universityof Arizona Rock Art Ranch Field School

Areas of Study: 

US Southwest